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Barcode Generator using Atmel ATMEGA 2560

I built a Wiegand Decoder a while back so that I could read HID and Indala Badges and quickly determine the bit length, facility code, card number, etc. #9202-3: "Historic" 1992, LGB Track Contacts & Related Hardware

A. CONTENTS: Module 3, LGB 1700 Track Contacts & Related Hardware 1 The Components: 0:38 min 2 Mounting Magnets on Locos: 4:52 min 3 The 5094 ...

Zip Line at Christ Church Plano Men's Retreat at Pine Cove Shores Christian Camp (Round 2)

Christ Church - Plano Men's Retreat 2009 at Pine Cove "Shores" Christian Camp near Tyler, TX. Taken via BlackBerry Tour. It was so much fun we went again!

99 5804 rangiert bei der Verladestelle Knaupsholz.avi

Die 99 5804 entstand aus einem LGB Stainz Umbau. Der angekuppelte SHE Ow ist ein Eigenbau auf einem LGB Fahrgestell. Alle (Um)Baubeschreibungen ...

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